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In Her Life Is Showing, the life and death drama of domestic violence is the backdrop to the daily struggle of the workers in a shelter. Manager Nancy, counselors Monica and Paula, and administrative assistant Becky must cope with terror, judgment, and burn-out. Working in a domestic violence shelter, these women expect to battle with abusive spouses and confront victim-blaming and uncooperative community resources. But when Renee, the new director, comes on board with new rules and strange ideas, the stress and conflict moves within the shelter, and the staff begins fighting with a challenging and unpredictable boss. Renee seems caring and reasonable at first, but as time passes, she targets clients, clashes with staff, and creates general discord throughout the shelter. So tensions are already running high when a high-risk case comes in. Andrea's life is in danger; she is severely bruised around the neck from being throttled to near-death by her husband. Nancy and Monica work with the local police, taking extra precautions to protect Andrea and all the residents, while Renee flounders and shows her inability to provide direction and support at the shelter. A moving story of struggle and conflict, but also triumph and optimism, Her Life Is Showing takes the reader on a fascinating journey. Shelter staff and residents overcome pain, brutality and despair and move forward into lives of peace, empowerment, and hope.

Alice Benson, Author

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